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Pastor John's Blessed Beans

Costa Rica Tarrazú Hot Springs

Costa Rica Tarrazú Hot Springs

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Costa Rica Tarrazú Hot Springs
FLAVOR: Cocoa, Nutty, Stonefruit
BODY: Light
ROAST: Medium
All Coffee comes in 1 lb bags.

This coffee takes its name from a unique processing method that uses mineral-rich, volcanic spring water. This Tarrazú coffee starts with hand-picked cherries at the peak of ripeness. The cherries are delivered to the San Diego wet mill where they undergo a patented fermentation process with volcanic mineral water. During the fermentation process, the thermal spring water and wet parchment interact in a unique symbiosis. The hot water accelerates and enhances the mucilage removal resulting in a superior cup clarity. Additionally, the natural minerals present in the spring water get absorbed by the coffee bean. When roasted, the minerals and natural acids from the coffee create a wonderful and complex cup filled with the fruity flavors and spicy notes of pepper and black currant.

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