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Buddy's Brew - The World's Best Cup of Coffee

Buddy's Brew - The World's Best Cup of Coffee

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Here it is... the world's best cup of coffee.  Mmmm... or close to it. 

In honor of Elf's 20th anniversary, and just a fantastic scene in the movie, I am putting out a very limited release of "Buddy's Brew."  This Dark Roasted Blend will soon be a favorite of yours, which is a mixed blessing... since it is such a limited release. 

Get it while you can. 

The tasting notes are Milk Chocolate, Plum, Brown Sugar, and Dried Cherry.  There are slight notes of Black Tea, which helps round out this cup.  This is not your typical Diner's Cup.  It is the World's Best Cup of Coffee... as Buddy would say, "It's nice to meet you!" 

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