A Story about a Mug…

A Story about a Mug. Thanks for sharing, Grace!!


My favorite mug. I bought it way back in 1983! I spied it in the Hallmark and gift section of the pharmacy I worked at through high school and early days of college, while relieving a work mate for her break.

In those days it was impossible to find anything with my name on it, and I was excited! I had to wait for my pay check to buy it. In those days I was making about $3.50 an hour.....the mug was about 12 bucks....of course I ended up having to wait to purchase it because rent, insurance and gas had to come out of that check first.

One of the ladies that worked in that section knew I wanted that mug... she was probably the age I am now...I thought she was ancient....🤣 she also had a name you didn't see often Gloria... I digress...she was sweet enough to hide it away for the day that I could buy it!

After many moves locally, and 2 overseas moves, I thought the mug was gone forever! I hadn't seen it in years until one day I was visiting my parents and there it was on a shelf in mom's china cabinet!🤣

She gave it back to me said, it was in a box of mugs I'd given to her to give away, when I moved overseas the first time.

She held on to it all those years. Funny how things come back around and find you.

Thanks for the fun walk down memory lane!

Grace Howson

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