A Cup at a Time!

A Cup at a Time!

Dear Coffee Lover,

I, too, love coffee.

More than that, I love what coffee means to me.  

Beyond the need to have a cup before I open my eyes… or at least beyond a slit… Coffee for me means connection.

I have said that my favorite part of being a pastor is having a cup of coffee with someone and calling it work.  And I truly mean that.  I love connecting with other humans.  

When I look at the endeavors I have taken on, they all have to do with finding ways to connect with other people.  Making that chasm that divides us shrink to jumping distance… we can leap over the small ditch that is no longer a canyon, all because of coffee, or at least what coffee means for me.

One of the reasons I chose the supplier Genuine Origin for my green beans (beans before I roast them) is that connections they make with the coffee producers on the ground.  They are there, boots on the ground, working with and for the coffee farmer.  It is Fair Trade on Caffeine.  Their program, Volcafe, which I provide a link to in my website menu is all about connecting coffee to justice, to fair wages, to equitable practices, and the list goes on.  

Thank you for giving of your time to browse the website, and to read the blog posts.  Thank you for trusting me (or thinking about trusting me) to provide you with another way to connect to the neighbor, the stranger or the world.  One cup of coffee at a time. 

Also, if you are a congregation that is getting your coffee hour, or fellowship hour, back up and running, contact me for a coffee hour special.  It’s unlisted, but might be something you are interested in… Five bags for 60 dollars, including shipping.  For your congregation.

Thank you!


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